The Beach Dogs at Hägernäs Strand

The Beach Dogs (Strandhundarna), established in 2009, is an organization of dog owners and friends at Hägernäs Strand in Täby, just north of Stockholm.

Our overall aim is to promote knowledge about (our) dogs and their needs, and to provide information about the ways in which dogs contribute to a friendlier and safer environment for all.

Hägernäs Strand

We focus on the following areas/activities:

  • Information - we compile and disseminate useful information for dog owners and other interested parties here at Hägernäs Strand
  • Contact Forum - we provide a forum for the exchange of ideas or services, such as help with dog-sitting or dog-walking etc
  • Activities - we organize lectures and courses with well-known dog trainers, as well as regular guided dog walks where anyone so inclined may join in

Quotation!We aim to facilitate an amiable atmosphere based on mutual respect between dog owners andQuote end!
their neighbors

If you'd like to find out more, or if you'd like to become a member, please contact:

Claudia Egerer (English)
Phone: 070 647 82 22

Michael Schmidt (German)
Phone: 0733 70 62 66